Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celebrating Mama

So, it's one week out from Mother's Day and you're still having trouble deciding exactly what to get that special Mama in your life? Or maybe you are that special Mama, and you're undecided about what hints to drop? No worries. I have a few ideas.

I don't know a Mama alive who wouldn't appreciate something that comes in a little blue box. (If you're a Mama trying to persuade your honey to go this route, there's no time left for subtlety. I suggest changing his home page to this.)

Looking for a creative way to celebrate your mom or your sister? Try these unique and stunning twists on the average bouquet. Gorgeous.

No money to spend and nary a creative bone in your body? No problem. Perhaps the best gift many of us moms could receive on our day is sleeping in. That's right. How about getting up and making your own breakfasts and then--stay with me here--cleaning up after yourselves! All while being quiet as church mice and letting that special woman in your life get some beauty rest for a change.

Not in a million years? Then you're back to square one, my friend.