Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheap(er) Gas!

Hey Mamas! Check out this website I found highlighted on SmartMoney a little while back. It's called GasBuddy and it's basically a search engine to help you find the lowest gas price in your area. You just type in your zip code and it will search your local gas stations and show you the prices per gallon, lowest to highest.

SmartMoney gives GasBuddy a better review than AAA's site that essentially does the same thing, saying that the prices on the AAA site "aren't always the most current."

Click here for the whole SmartMoney article , with more tips to help "save on gas." But try not to laugh (or cry) when you read the author lamenting over paying more than $2.92 a gallon. The numbers are weeks out of date, but the tips are applicable.

Or, you could just ride your bike.

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