Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eat Local

It seems like everyone is big on "eating green" these days. That is to say that eating organic food has never been so fashionable, or profitable for the sellers.

I think eating green is great; we are big lovers of all things organic in this house. But organics--like everything else--are getting more expensive, every time I go to the supermarket! So what's a Green Mama to do? Break the bank on organics? Go back to "conventional" foods?

Well, with spring well sprung and summer just around the corner (can you believe it?), local farmers markets are an ideal way to eat well for less. These markets provide a plethora of produce and some even sell cheeses, meats, honey, eggs and more. Many of the vendors pride themselves on their organic, sustainable methods of farming. And trust me Mamas, you can taste the difference.

The best part? You can almost always buy more for less at these markets because you've cut out the middle man.

So, where's a Mama to find a local farmer's market? Here. Just type in your zip code and, voila!, your local markets pop up on the screen!

Happy Shopping Mamas!

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