Monday, May 26, 2008

FEED the World

It is a glorious, sunny, earth-shatteringly beautiful day here! This morning, the little one and I took a beautiful walk down Main Street to check out our local Memorial Day Parade. It was really just a perfect morning.

Of course, on our walk, we needed a bag in which to carry our various and sundry supplies: juice, an extra diaper, sunscreen, etc. So we used my favorite new purchase.

Designed by Lauren Bush, this organic cotton and burlap bag is marketed through the World Food Program and sold exclusively by Whole Foods Market. What's the big deal? Well, when you purchase one of these bags, the money the WFP collects will be able to feed 100 children. That's right. Every bag purchased, provides 100 meals for starving children. Whole Foods isn't even making a profit on this. And the bag even has interior pockets, which means it's good for more than groceries.

For once, I don't feel guilty about buying another bag.

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