Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hang it Out to Dry

So, many of you have heard of some energy saving tips to help us all live a bit greener. But did you know that, when combined, these tips could actually save you a little green too? How do I know? Well, Mamas, it just so happens that we employed some of these tactics around our house and we saved $30 on our electric bill for two months running. And hey, 30 bucks is 30 bucks. This Mama will take it.

So, the tips:

-Turn off the lights! Be diligent about this! If no one is in the room, it should be dark. Additionally, we've stopped using almost all of our exterior lighting altogether.

-Unplug it! You've probably heard about the "energy vampires." You know, the cell phone charger you leave permanently plugged in, or the microwave oven, sucking power to emit that eerie, green glow, perpetually displaying the hour and minute, even when no one is looking. Well, stop the madness, Mamas! Unplug it! All of it! Everything! The microwave, the coffee maker, all 23 of those chargers that are snaking like a silent, black Medusa out of your wall. Your printer, your TV, your DVD player, your stereo. It's all sucking energy (and your money)!

-Hang it out to dry! That's right. I'm talking about a clothesline. We found one just like this at our local hardware store. It works like a dream. And what beats sheets dried in the sun? No yard to hang your clothes in? No problem. This indoor clothesline is actually really cute, and affordable. I know that hanging things to dry instead of using the dryer isn't always convenient or possible, except for the most committed environmentalist. But even hanging just a load or two a week will cut back on your energy use, which will, in turn, save you cash.

Each of these items, taken alone, won't do much. But your combined efforts throughout your household will translate into money saved each month.

Post some of your money/energy saving tips here. Or email me and I will share them with everyone!

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