Sunday, May 11, 2008


She didn’t have anything handed to her, that’s for sure. She had plenty of trials to face, early in life. And more later. She had some heartaches, some losses. She had to fight.

She even lost hope sometimes. But she never gave up.

She worked hard to raise her child, give her a good education, teach her about the truly meaningful things in life, like late afternoon walks in the park, chocolate Fribbles, the importance of celebrating “unbirthdays”—and Shel Silverstein.

She taught her child about giving, made her realize that there are always those who have less and who deserve attention. She inspired by finishing her education, excelling past perhaps even her own expectations.

She worked and she mothered, without much of a compass. And she stayed the course, even when the course promised nothing but detours.

Now, her child is grown, with a child of her own. Her child finally understands. She understands because she is now a mother and has joined this particular sisterhood with all its blessings and tribulations, all its worry, hope and its boundless, soaring love.

Now her strength and power and are being reflected back to her, a glorious prism of love and light, in the form of her granddaughter.

I hope she is proud, because I am proud of her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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Susan said...

Beautiful. Actually brought tears to this cranky lady's eyes.