Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beyond Fish Sticks

Do you dream of your kids eating healthy, delicious meals that you have thoughtfully and lovingly prepared for them, without screaming, crying or anything being thrown on the floor?

Well, I'm not sure this will help with the applesauce that's currently fossilizing on your kitchen floor, but it might give you some fresh, new ideas.

It's a website called Smart Foods Healthy Kids (via teensygreen). SFHK offers everything from recipes (like this one for "Pizza in a Bowl") to allergies to "breastfeeding 101." They employ multiple resources, including their resident online pediatrician, Dr. Natalie. SFHK even offers quick tips and articles on how to make your home little bit healthier. And it is all done with a good dose of humor, so it doesn't intimidate.

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Ruth said...

Smart Foods Healthy Kids looks like a great site, I'm going to have to explore it further. Thanks for the recommendation! I can never think of anything original to feed my family.