Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gas Saving Tips

As you've probably noticed by now, I'm a big fan on finding ways to save a little cash, especially when it comes to gassing up your vehicle. (I'm paying $4.50 a gallon these days!) U.S. News & World Report just came out with this article with some easy and totally doable tips that could end up saving you over $1000 a year!

The article's author, Sean Tucker (a Papa himself, who even cops to stale Cheerios wedged under the car seat) did his homework on this one. He covers tire pressure, roof racks, and tells the speed demons to slow down. And he backs it all up with EPA stats and a little more math than I'm willing to do on my own.

It all boils down to the small stuff. Little changes can help us all save big. You don't have to refit your entire house with solar panels and start roller skating to work to slow the bleeding. As I've said before, Mamas, it's all about baby steps.

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