Thursday, June 26, 2008

Party Animals

I mentioned recently that we are in party planning mode around our house because the little one is turning two. I had the ambitious idea that we would make our own invitations, employing the help of the birthday girl. And while the experience provided many giggles, the result has been something less than I had envisioned. Maybe I should have just bought some sweet invitations like these from Little Circus.

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Cloudsters said...

Hmm, on the subject of ambitious projects, Mum's planning to make her own Learn-Your-ABCs multi-panel learning-aid.

(That's a board with 26 'doors', one allotted to each letter of the alphabet, which open to reveal - say - an Aboriginal for 'A'. The words to be learned, and the illustrations, can be switched out).

Possibly a case of 'O' for Overreaching.