Friday, June 6, 2008

Reality Check

Here's a good--if frightening--report on the current state of our economy, though not from Wall Street gurus or analysts. NPR's All Things Considered interviewed three women, from three different financial brackets, about how their supermarket experiences have changed recently.

I'll be the first to admit that I have altered my habits when it comes to feeding my family. In fact, one of these women's stories is a mirror of my own recent experiences. These are uncertain times, and economic uncertainty is a new experience for many Americans.

I've blogged here before about money saving ideas for families, with ideas on how to have fun while still being frugal. And these ideas still apply.

But the reality for many right now is scary, and in the midst of it, it can be difficult to see when, how and if it will all end. One of the things that I take away from a report like this--and from my own anecdotal evidence--is perhaps more uplifting. Listening to these women, I hear strength and resourcefulness. The first woman, in particular, exhibits a gritty determination to navigate her family through the crisis, whatever it takes. This flexibility, as described in another NPR report by Brighton Earley, is how we will make it through the current economic crisis, and so many other crises that we face in our lives. It is, perhaps, one of our saving graces. We adjust, we make due, we survive. And we come out the other side stronger for it.

That's it for now, as we're off to the supermarket.

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