Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mama Needs Zen

Recently, I reviewed this amazing book, MOMfulness by Denise Roy. But I couldn't stop there; I just had to write to Ms. Roy and tell her what a wonderful book she's written. In her kind and lovely response to my email, she also let me know about a retreat she's conducting on the East coast this month.

So East Coast Mamas, this post is for you! Roy is conducting a MOMfulness Retreat Weekend and the details, as she forwarded them to me, are as follows:

Momfulness Retreat at The Omega Institute
in the Hudson Valley, New YorkAugust 15-17, 2008

Celebrate the end of summer by taking yourself on retreat! Join me at the beautiful Omega Institute:

RETREAT: Momfulness: Mothering With Mindfulness,Compassion & Grace

Momfulness is the spiritual practice of cultivating a mindful,compassionate, mothering presence for ourselves, our families, and our world.

This practice is not about motherhood as bliss or adding another thing to your to-do list. It can be used right now in the midst of dirty diapers, acting-out teenagers, and balancing work and home when it feels like you have time for neither.

Through restful and renewing silence, as well as lecture, storytelling, playful exercises, guided meditations, and group sharing, we let go of being overwhelmed and relax into mothering. We also learn six spiritual lessons for cultivating momfulness in our daily life: developing true presence, practicing embodiment, paying attention, cultivating deep compassion, recognizing the sacred in all things, and understanding the value of community. Caring for others does not have to be a distraction from sacred practice; instead, it can be the very essence of it. Mothers, grandmothers,aunts, and those who nurture others in so many ways benefit from this enjoyable and insightful weekend.

Tuition: $275 (does not include accommodations or commuter fee) Course: SM08-3702-124 Continuing education credits available.Register online at http://eomega.org

Maybe I'll see you there!

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Stace said...

I still am yet to get that book! It sounds exactly like the kind of books i read all the time. Its combining my two favorite things! Parenting and Spiritualism! :)
Unfortunately i can't go to that retreat, as you'd know, i am in Australia after all :P But thanks for reminding me about the book.