Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meaghan needs...

Funny Mama Blogger of Ruth the Mom posted yesterday about this silly little exercise to try if you're bored/lazy/in need of entertainment. Just Google your name and the word "needs" together and see what wonders arise.

So, Meaghan needs:

A savage beating (What on earth could I have done to deserve this?!)

A summer intern (I'll take that; fall and winter positions are also available. Must do windows and diaper duty.)

Nick Jonas (He's a little young for me, but my beautiful 14 year-old cousin is undoubtedly his biggest fan.)

To buy (someone) a drink (Sure, this one's on me, Mamas!)

To eat more (Definitely not.)

Some gun advice (I'm not really into firearms; I'm certain I'd shoot off a toe or two.)

A home (I already have one of those, but if you're offering one I don't have to clean, cook in, or otherwise maintain, we should definitely talk.)

A job (I already have all the responsibility I need, thanks.)

A dress rehearsal (I could, for sure, use a few run throughs most days, before anything goes on the record.)

A pep talk (Yes, some positive feedback would do me wonders.)

Her own dating show (I've always said I should be on TV!)

Her Starbucks (This is, without a doubt, a completely true statement.)

Well, that was fun. What do you need?


Ruth said...

Yours are too funny! A savage beating?
My favorite is that you need gun advice and I need a pistol...maybe we should team up and begin a life of crime!
Thanks for the mention, and for your encouraging comments. After all, we all need that positive feedback!
Now for your pep talk: You write a helluva blog while being a busy mama (without a summer intern) and you have great taste and I always love checking in to see what you have to say!

Meaghan said...

Ruth, I can imagine us, two pistol toting Mamas, criss-crossing the country in an old pick up truck, having fallen, unwittingly, into a life of crime! But who would play us in the Hollywood Blockbuster after we were caught?

Thank YOU for your lovely words. I appreciate the pep talk!

I think we should lobby Congress to enact a Summer Intern Law for Mamas.

Ruth said...

I call Angelina Jolie! I took this very scientific quiz to find out which famous actress I am:


You should try it! If you get Angelina also, then my backup is Meg Ryan.

Ruth said...

Not sure if the entire link copied. After "CelebritiesFame/" it is:


Meaghan said...

Wow, that was a very scientific and rigorous exam. I stand by the very scientific results, clearly based on much research and well established facts.

So, Gyweneth Paltrow plays me, opposite your Angie. This is gonna be hot!

Stace said...

Stacey needs...
1. Facebook
2. A buddy
3. Some love
4. New Shoes
5. One more vote
6. Our help with Horace...??
7. A hobby
8. Her own space
9. Posh NYC digs to further her writing career.

That was kind of fun!
And i got Angelina Jolie too Ruth!

potty mouth mama said...

That is too funny!! I am going to try it!

Meaghan said...

Wow Stace, when you get your posh NYC digs to further your writing career, we can hang out and have tea!

Potty Mouth Mama, what do you need?