Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snack Attack

I try to make sure everyone in our family eats well, and healthy. It's one of my points of focus actually. I read labels, choose fresh, organic everything whenever I am able, and work hard to expose our little one to new and healthy foods on a regular basis.

And yet on Time Magazine's recent list of 9 Kids Foods to Avoid, I found two of their worst offenders in my own kitchen! Most of the foods on this list, in my opinion, are not big surprises. (Fruit by the Foot doesn't sound healthy, it sounds toxic.) But two of these foods to avoid--Goldfish and Earth's Best Organic Mini Waffles--are regular eats around here. Both commit the same infraction; they're way over recommended levels in their sodium content.

I won't be buying more of either, and I'm also going to have to spend a little more time reading labels again. I guess I got a little out of practice. But it is worth the time because training a palate when kids are young, sets them up for a lifetime of eating a variety of healthy things. We give them the tools now for the choices they will make later.

Any healthy snacks that are favorites around your house? Share them, please!


Stace said...

It is funny. Some days when i read your post, i have been thinking about that exact same thing that same day! This isn't really a 'snack' but at the moment, cooper can't get enough of broccoli! Very strange, because normally its a struggle to get him to eat some vegetables, but at the moment, he wants it all the time! :)

Meaghan said...

Wow, Stace, ride that wave to the end. It's so great when you can get them to love something you enjoy and that is also good for them! It took me 25 tries I swear, but now Olivia loves green beans. I think the trick is not to give up.

Meghan said...

I haven't given my 2 yr old any Goldfish in over a year since he choked on one.

I give him lots of Cheerio's, apples, he loves all veggies, yogurt, I guess the standards.
I would never give him Fruit by the just doesn't sound right. LOL