Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Super-Size It, And Make It Snappy!

We don't eat a lot of fast food around our house, but we also don't live in a community that offers a lot of fast food or chain restaurant options, which is fine with us. Now more than ever. This recent AP report I found on CNN confirms many of our suspicions that fast food is really, really, really bad for you, and especially bad for kids.

As I say, this really isn't news to me--or you either, probably--but to see it written out in all its caloric horror kind of borders on the obscene. Apparently, the National Institute of Medicine recommends that children between ages 4 and 8 consume no more than 1290 calories in a day. The majority of chain restaurants sampled for this study offered kids meals well in excess of 430 calories, or one third of the recommended daily caloric intake for kids. One kids meal offered by Chili's clocks in at 1020 calories. For one meal.


I'm not going to hop on my organic soap box here. And I'm not going to rail against the fast food industry, because I don't think that it's completely the industry's fault. They're just trying to make a buck like everybody else. And if that stuff didn't sell, they'd stop offering it.

What I will say is that I think we have lost the ability to savor good food, to appreciate the time it takes to prepare something truly nourishing. And I don't think this behavior is confined to our eating habits. I think we live in an unprecedented era of instant gratification. From text messaging to email to blogging, we exist in a world of immediate reaction, immediate communication, immediate results.

We have forgotten how to wait, and that there are things worth waiting for.

After all, time is all we have, and in limited quantities. So we should try to take it while we have it. Savor every second, before it's gone.

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Ruth said...

Thanks for writing this. I needed the reminder. Sometimes it starts to feel like this environment we've created is just the way things are, and I forget it's possible to slow down, think, feel, and live my life.