Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Congratulations to Mrs. French, writer, Mama, photographer and Blissful blogger, whose philosophy is to "breathe and take it all in, every single spoonful." Sage advice, indeed. You are the winner of this truly "amazing" giveaway.

If you don't send me your mailing address in fifteen minutes, I'm keeping the giveaway...

Okay, I'll give you a half hour.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your advice, experiences and nuggets of wisdom. Reading your thoughts and comments is one of the best parts about giveaways, and blogging in general. I enjoy our ongoing conversation.

And thank you again to the fabulously generous people at philosophy for sponsoring this spectacular giveaway! One more reason to "believe in miracles."


Tyler said...

oh, i missed the delicious give-away although i see its falling into well-deserved hands. perfect. love your post below and have just noted this phenomenon myself of a 'village'. this collective of women is a powerful force and indeed, these blogs become essential nutrition for the soul.

Mrs.French said...

Yippeeeeeeee! I'm basking in my win! Thank you so much!

stace said...

congrats Mrs.French :)

Meaghan said...

Tyler, it is a wonderful community, and a fantastic resource for all of us Family CEOs.

Sorry you missed the giveaway, though. More to come, so keep reading everyone!