Monday, September 8, 2008

Artsy Mama

Another great idea (via CoolMomPicks) brought to you by some innovative Mamas. It's called the Kid's Busy Box. It's a ready-made art kit, complete with 20 craft ideas, materials (feathers, glitter, sand--make sure the hand-vac is charged and at the ready!) and all the top shelf art supplies you could want!

Every Mama knows a good project will go a long way. This busy box might just buy you enough time to cook dinner in peace! Better yet, order take out and do the project together.


Mrs.French said...

holy awesomeness!

Stace said...

That box looks like so much fun! Messy, but so much fun. I might have a look around and if i can't find one out this way, i might just have to create my own :)