Wednesday, September 10, 2008

eensie, weensie school kid

Part of the bliss of being a Mama-blogger are the gems that land in your in box. Yesterday, a gift was given to me, by a friend of a friend: An email announcing the creation of a wonderful, innovative new blog: eensies.

What is it? It's a blog, conceived by two talented elementary school teachers, whose mission it is to answer the eternal, parental question: What on earth should we do at home to supplement and complement our child's learning at school?

Chock full of great ideas and doable crafts, this blog is a Mama's go-to reference for school prep and beyond. Do yourself a favor, and bookmark this one.

Bonus credit: These two talented teachers write with flair and have a sense of humor to boot!

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Dawn said...

You have gone and done it again. Great new blog. Just what I need with my daughter having a rough start to her first time in school this year! Some wonderful new information and confirmation that I am doing a few things right! Thanks for the link!