Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I heart little ones.

Hi all!  It is me...Mrs. French!  Dear Meaghan kindly asked me to stop by today and share some of my favorite things for the wee ones out there.  I am thrilled because I get to post on one of my favorite mama blogs and I am thrilled to get to share my "I heart..." items for the smaller folks out there.  I hope you all heart them as much as I do.
Mrs. French

thank you Meaghan for letting me stop by and intrude on your sweet space!

I heart this cowboy shirt.

I heart this elephant.

B hearts this book more than all of his other books combined.

I heart this lion (via sweet Cicada).

I heart this trim and these sheets.

I heart these tops.

I heart this top.

I heart these overalls.

I heart these sneaks.

I heart this hat.

I heart this tree.

I heart this print.

I heart this pigeon.

I heart these bonbons.

I heart this record.

I heart this rabbit (pssst...it's a light).

I heart this "binky buddy."

I heart this collage.


Meaghan said...

Oh Mrs. French, your taste is simply divine! Thank you for this fabulous list! I can't wait to check out B's favorite book. I bet my little one will love it too!

Merci mille fois!

please sir said...

Awww so lovely!!!

Victoria said...

Wonderful list, as always!
I love the framed children's record album covers!

Anonymous said...


Vraiment si charmant!

Stephanie said...

Each thing made me happier than the last (and my golly i LOVE those overalls!)

pve design said...

bliss, bliss, and more bliss.
pour me another cup, mama.
you always have such a way with finding nostalgic items that remind me of my childhood!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh my, oh my Mrs. French! I Heart your baby hearts! So much! That ELEPHANT(must have him), that lion, those sheets, that top, those overalls(!- B needs those),those SNEAKS(OMG),that hat, that tree,that rabbit.....what fantastically beautiful picks! I heart Mrs. French! :) Meaghan- your blog is beautiful and I am so glad to have found out about it through the lovely Mrs. French.

Cicada Studio said...

Each more dear than the other. You certainly have the eye, Mrs. French. I'm so glad to see a whole list dedicated to kiddie stuff!

Aran said...

awww... i love the tiny i heart tuesday version sooo much! i want that hat in an adult size!

Shimmy Shake said...

As per-usual...fabulous line up - I heart that wool mademoiselle hat as well, and its a good price!!

Jill said...

i love it all! all of these things are just so cute! nice selection, Mrs. French!

MIMILEE said...

I heart all of the above!


mimilee <><

vana chupp said...

love all the little sweet pick for the little ducklings....

nadia said...

Love, love your list mrs. french, i sell the pigeon shirts they fly out of my store! your list is so precious, i am in love with the overalls and the shoes...now i need a little boy -i heart a little boy!

mayaluna said...

Mrs. French, I do love your taste so very much. How thrilling to see what you heart for the younger set...you must do this more often...it's too good for a one time deal!

Project Ecoart said...

Cool stuff!

Tartelette said...

Great list! It gave me so many ideas to spoil my nieces!!

Sandra Ree said...

I loved the hat! This was so sweet!

Jaimee said...

Adorable little goodies, Traci!

naphtali said...

So perfect! I especially LOVE the little hat! {oh if only I had a little one to outfit...} Lovely post!

nichole said...

A wonderful collection! Lots of bookmarks in the making.

Hooked on Houses said...

Look at all of this lovely stuff! I want that rabbit light. My daughter would LOVE it! -Julia

mary said...

Yay Mrs. French! Great job as usual!

Lovebird said...

Mrs. French, I adore your list.