Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

With the news of Governor Sarah Palin's entry into the Presidential race, comes a whole other slew of issues.

Now let me be clear: I am not endorsing a candidate or a campaign. I am simply starting a dialogue, based on this article by Jodi Kantor and Rachel L. Swarns in today's New York Times. Palin, as the article points out, is Governor of Alaska, mother of five children--one of whom is an infant with Down syndrome--and John McCain's running mate for the Republican ticket.

Kantor and Swarns highlight in their article a debate that is currently raging in the blogosphere, at major media outlets, on the benches at the playground and over cups of coffee everywhere: Can she handle motherhood and the Vice Presidency?


Somebody pinch me! What year is this? Since when would anyone--Democrat, Republican or otherwise--ever presume to ask such questions of a man? It wouldn't happen. It doesn't happen.

I truly thought--especially with Hillary's primary run--that we have come further than this as a nation. Countries all over the globe--from England to India--have been successfully led by women.

If any of us Mamas were to walk in for a job interview and be asked "Gee, you seem like a real go getter, but do you think you can handle work and motherhood?" our heads would start spinning around, Linda Blair style. It's just such an antiquated argument--and it's insulting. Or perhaps we're good enough to be the assistant to the boss and raise a family, but not to be the boss and raise a family. It's just not right, Mamas.

Nobody asks a man if he can handle his job and his family. Nobody questions a man's love of his family when he chooses a challenging career. Nobody insults him for trying to be a loving dad and trying to have a successful professional life.

I say enough is enough! You don't have to like Sarah Palin to see when sexist arguments are being leveled against her. Let's do ourselves a favor and start demanding equality, once and for all!

"So we're comin' out of the kitchen,
'cause there's something we forgot to say to you.
We say, Sisters are doin' it for themselves,
standin' on their own two feet and ringin' on their own bells."


Ruth said...


curette_crusette said...

I am outraged at the sexist attacks aimed at this woman.

And this from the people who are always so quick to invoke the sisterhood in support of their own candidates.

It makes me look at Democrats differently.

Meaghan said...

curette_crusette, I share your outrage. I was equally outraged when the news media--as well as a lot of democrats--touted Hillary's teary-eyed answer to the question "How do you do it?" as a moment in which she displayed her "humanity." Last I checked, male candidates don't need to publicly weep to be considered "human." And they don't need to apologize for being tough.

18,000,000 cracks in the ceiling, yes. But it's time to break on through, already!