Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Child's Play

It's been a while since I posted anything that belongs on my "Wish-I-Had-Time-To-Read-This" List. Recently, a lovely Mama recommended to me a book that's shooting straight to the top of said list. The book, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., examines what children need to grow into happy, healthy selves, while also looking at common stumbling blocks parents sometimes place in their paths, namely focusing on achievements and placing unnecessary pressure on kids for early success, academically or otherwise. It also touches on the value of imaginative play, and all the ways modern society infringes upon this integral component of childhood.

It looks like an interesting read and a nice reminder to slow down and let our children experience all of the magic and hope of childhood. It is an investment as much in their present as it is in their future.

Ed. note: A wise Mama had a hard time purchasing this book but finally found it in stock here, at Borders Books. Thanks Ruth!


Ruth said...

This book was out of stock at Amazon and Barnes and Noble but I did find it at
Thanks for the recommendation. This book looks fantastic. I needed to order a couple of books so I added it to my order and got free shipping!

Meaghan said...

Ruth, thanks for the heads up! My Amazon link shows in stock, but I'm adding the Borders link to the post per your recommendation.

Hope it's a good one!

Ruth said...

Too funny! Earlier today I clicked on your link and it was out of stock and it said they didn't know when it would be available. Just now I clicked on it and it was available! (Also a couple of bucks cheaper than I bought it at Borders--rats!)

Meaghan said...

Shoot. Does that mean I owe you money?

Ruth said...

Yes, I'm suing you for $1.98 plus $1.5 Million in pain and suffering. My legal team will be contacting you.