Monday, October 13, 2008


Have a daughter? Know someone who does? Then you might want to watch this video from Dove (yes, the skin care company). And yes, that makes it "advertising." I do, however, still find it relevant, frightening and accurate.

We absorb so much data--data that inform our choices, our aspirations, our self-worth--without even realizing what's happening. The younger the "consumer," the less able she is to filter messages and images or discern fact from fantasy. When you watch a video like this, it isn't hard to understand why so many of our girls are unhappy or unhealthy.

As parents, we must act as filters for our children. We must help them develop strength, character and self-esteem, before marketers help them identify their "problem areas."

And while we're at it, we should stop holding ourselves to other's irrational standards, before our girls start to learn from us what we keep the marketers from teaching them.

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stace said...

Wow -- That was a very good, but very scary video. But how true it really is!