Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vitamin D Revisited

The American Academy of Pediatrics has changed their recommended child's daily dose of Vitamin D from 200 units to 400 units. As CNN reports, this is significant, because most children do not drink the 4 cups of Vitamin D fortified milk that it would take to meet the new requirement. The Academy is recommending supplements for infants (specifically breast-fed infants), children and adolescents.

The reason for the change "is based on mounting evidence" of the health benefits of more Vitamin D, including a potential reduction in risk of developing cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

In addition to milk and supplements, doctors say that daily exposure to sunlight (minus the sunscreen) is one of the most effective ways for your body to absorb Vitamin D. Additionally, foods rich in Vitamin D include salmon and tuna.

The research seems compelling enough, to me anyway, to convince me to add Vitamin D supplements not only to my little one's diet, but to my own as well. What about you? Will you take the Academy's advice and begin supplementing your family's diets?

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