Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finali Design Giveaway!

Remember the delicate greetings of Finali Design? Well, this Seattle Mama is not only a talented artist, but she's also a lovely person. And generous, to boot! She's offering not one, but two sets of her custom design greeting cards to two lucky Mama's Cup readers.

Printed on quality card stock, these silhouette greetings are "just right for a note or sweet enough to frame." Up for grabs are the "Mommy Mommy" and the "Sugar & Spice" collections. You'll be the only Mama on your block whose greetings are this unique.

Post a comment here and I'll draw two winners at random. You have until 5:00PM Eastern Time tomorrow to enter. Good luck, Mamas! And don't forget to tell your friends.


Meghan said...

What a fabu giveaway.
I am a notecard junkie!!!
Love them & I think with email, notecards are becoming outdated.
I am trying to make it my mission to bring em back.
You know like "I'm bringing sexy back" except "I'm bringing notecards back!"

Anonymous said...

So great! Count me in.

Lisa G.

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty! Handwritten notes on sweet cards are such a treat.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sara H. (Mommy of three!!)

Cari said...

what great cards!!! i love them, and what a talented artist too

Jenifer L said...

I love the classic silhouette designs.
I'm in!

Anonymous said...

What a treat! Beautiful, sweet cards!

Anonymous said...

I can think of so many uses for these pretty, pretty cards!

Thank you!


stace said...

I wonder if i made it in time? Hope so! This sounds like a beautiful give away...
Thanks for the opportunity. Fingers crossed! :) xx

Wayne Edelman said...

thanks for turning me on to these!

Wayne Edelman said...

thanks for turning me on to these!

Anonymous said...

I'm not too late, am I? Hope not!