Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give a Little Bit

We all know that giving feels better than getting. But in a season filled with extended shopping hours and every kind of abundance, how do you bring a little balance into focus for your kids?

I've written before about volunteering as a family. And Cookie Magazine has put together a terrific online guide to help families get started. The benefits of family volunteering are just about innumerable. Volunteering gives kids a real sense of accomplishment, while also offering them a new perspective. Perhaps best of all, it teaches kids (and adults!) that they can effect change in their world simply by giving of themselves, something that no amount of hours in front of a Wii will ever accomplish.

It isn't about feeling guilty, or making less merry at this time of year. On the contrary, it's about spreading the joy of the season just a little farther. You'll make some meaningful holiday memories for your family, and maybe for someone else's, too.

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