Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We made it to Grandma's house, and with reasonably limited difficulty. We endured broken airport elevators (stroller + carry ons + escalators = broken limbs), a plane the size of a Smart car, and the airline failing to produce two seats next to one another for me and my little one. (After boarding the entire plane while my little one and I waited on the sidelines, waiting with bated breath to see if we would even make it to Grandma's house, the ladies behind the counter worked some kind of magic and conjured two seats with a shared armrest in the front of the plane).

And all of this without a nap!

It was, of course, completely worth the minimal hassle and we are already snugly installed at Grandma's house, adjusting to the slow, Midwestern rhythm. We have many people to see this week, cookies to bake and stories to tell. And so this Mama is taking the week off, to play, to bake and to collect a whole new set of childhood memories.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving, Mamas! See you next week.

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Geri said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving and a nice week off!