Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shopping Guides

CNN reports this morning that millions of you have not yet begun your holiday shopping! Tick, tock people!

If you're looking for a special little something and you're on a budget, Cookie's got a great list of 25 gifts for under $25, and they haven't left out anyone.

Or what about some pretty, handmade Etsy items? Here's a little list of some of my favorites, also all under $25.

Like this gorgeous cowl from JustessDesign.

Or, for the romantic on your list, this dreamy Parisian photo from SnappyChic.

For your Tiny Dancer, from DanburyLane.

Or these elegant hammered silver and green grossular garnet earrings from jdeandrade. (Alright, they're over the price limit, but barely.)

Happy hunting!


stephanie said...

Thanks for choosing my cowl as a good find!! Happy holidays <3

marc said...

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