Friday, January 2, 2009

It's That Time of Year

It's winter and no one knows better than a Mama (except maybe a teacher) that sniffles, sneezes and runny noses abound in the coldest months. And when tissues can't be found, coat sleeves usually serve as reliable understudies. The result, of course, is a community germ pool that supplies a formidable infectious infantry waging a daily battle with your children's immune systems. What's a Mama to do?

Well, Cookie Magazine offers this list of 10 immune system boosters to help your little ones evade the enemy this winter and stay healthy. The best piece of advice on this list is Number 1: Get enough sleep! No one can fend off winter germ assaults when they're run down and tired. So get those kids in bed, Mama! Then you can get a little extra beauty rest yourself.

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