Thursday, February 19, 2009

Small Spring!

The big, fluffy snowflakes that tumbled down yesterday, dusting our yard, our mailbox and our little red wagon, belied the good news that landed in my inbox very early this morning: The Small Magazine Spring issue is out! And that means Spring is truly just around the corner. In fact, I swear I can see it from my front porch.

Small's Spring issue is bursting with breezy, whimsical beauty. It's really not to be missed. Some truly delightful highlights include:

An exploration of the truly unique work of designer/illustrator/
author Carin Berger. Her books are part illustration, part story and all art and have won multiple, well-deserved awards. Berger has a new book, OK Go!, out this spring. Small also touches on one of our most favorite books ever, also penned
and painted by Berger, The Little Yellow Leaf.

A snippet of an interview with children's singer/songwriter Danielle Sansone. This is a real find, which I can hardly believe I'm saying. I usually despise--and no, I don't think that word is too strong--children's music. I find that so much of it is poorly crafted, poorly produced and generally insulting to any music fan. Just about any Paul Simon album will do more for your kids than a whole library of inane, goofy children's music. But I digress. Danielle Sansone's new album, Two Flowers, is beautifully constructed work of art. Sansone's vocals slide easily from bluegrass to a more ethereal, magical sound. You can sample and purchase the album here.

There's much, much more inside Small's Spring issue--handy DIY ideas, fun Etsy finds, compelling photography--so make sure you check it out yourselves.


Lauren Busch Singer said...

I agree completely that children's music, historically, has been the pits. But check out two new kids albums that are good for the kid in all of us... - a compilation of 12 New Orleans artists (Neville, Radiators,and more) doing funky renditions of classic kids songs we all know and love (zip a dee doo dah, yellow submarine, if I only had a brain and the funkiest cover of hokey pokey you ever heard.) - Award-winning songwriter Jon Sprout released American Heroes #3 with songs about various historical figures. It's fun, upbeat and a history lesson too. My kids favorite is "Chocolate King" about Milton Hershey.

Meaghan said...

Lauren, thank you so much for the tips! I can't wait to check out both of your recommendations.

My biggest gripe with most kid's music is that, in my view, it insults their intelligence and their musical taste. (OK, and it gets on my nerves.) But if it's real music, by real musicians, well then who couldn't abide a little fun and silliness?

Thanks for the ideas!