Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cookie Green Guide

Speaking of the economy, ever notice how the "green" products in any store cost about twice as much as the regular, polluting, wasteful, health hazard products? Yeah, me too. From non-toxic toilet cleaner to organic cotton dog sweaters, healthier, more sustainable products are available in almost every imaginable form. But who can afford them anymore?

Enter Cookie Mag, the reliable resource for Mamas for just about everything. Their Cheap Green Guide is packed with ideas on how reduce, reuse and recycle without draining your bank account.

I especially like the the clothing swap suggestion, for kids and mamas. It's just like shopping but without the plastic! Imagine! Also a "smart Cookie" idea: check out toys and books from your local library instead of buying them at your local Toys 'R Us. Talk about cutting down on waste.

In addition to their ideas, I submit a few of my own:

1. Get rid of the paper towels! They're costly and wasteful. Tear up some old t-shirts, repurpose those old towels instead of tossing them and stockpile some rags. Then, reach for these instead of the Brawny when the little one spills milk at the table. Toss them in with your regular laundry, which, if you're like me, you do just about daily anyway.

2. Make your own wrapping paper. Who needs to spend the extra cash these days to wrap up a birthday gift? Ask your resident artist to decorate some newsprint or a brown paper grocery bag. Then you can wrap your gift in a one-of-a-kind work of art!

3. Hang it out to dry! Spring is just around the corner and there is almost nothing as delightful as snuggling in for a good night's sleep between sheets dried in the sunshine. Talk about something to look forward to. If you're committed, you'll be able to live almost dryer-free for months. And that's savings you'll see on the bottom line.

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