Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Fish Big Pond

"I could totally make that myself!"

These words almost never escape my lips, especially in reference to super cute kids clothes. But then, along comes Super Mom Linda Trent of Little Fish Big Pond Etsy fame and blows my whole "I could never make that if my life depended on it" theory out of the water. (Via Cool Mom Picks.)

Trent takes DIY dress-making to the next level. She doesn't just hawk patterns out of her Etsy shop, she tosses in all the bells and whistles--including pre-cut fabric, thread and accessories! She really couldn't make it any easier. All this for around 15 bucks. Yes, I said 15 bucks. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, you should go and browse her shop now.


Kate said...

Your little cutie would look so pretty in that dress. And I bet she would twirl!

Dallas Shaw said...

love- this would make a great gift for a friend of mine!