Monday, February 2, 2009


There are times in our lives when we lean on our parents. We rely on them to nurture us and send us into the world, capable and strong, even if these skills are untested. There are times when we lean on our partners, our husbands, the fathers of our children, to grow with us and support us through new experiences, milestones and late-night fevers.

And then, there are times when we must call on our sisters, relations by blood or by trial--sometimes both--because they are the only ones who understand. It is during these times, often marked by the deep scars of disappointment and disillusionment, that we reach out for help and find our hands are held by the strong grip of a woman who has been where we are before. Or, at least, somewhere like it.

The capacity of the female heart to love, to reflect and to empathize is bottomless. Our sisters nurture us like parents, assist us like partners and love us with an unmatched, platonic passion, cheering our successes and mourning our defeats, completely and unselfishly.

As we age, as the scars of time and hurt accumulate, we find that the comfort and understanding our sisters provide can ease the pain and smooth away the marks and blemishes we've collected through our adventuring lives. Our sisters are always waiting, ready to cry with us, laugh with us or celebrate with us. Our sisters share their secrets over a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a homemade meal. Nestled on couches, pushing strollers in the park through the crisp winter air, or in the hushed darkness of a movie theater, our sisters support us, applaud us, and sit with us, even in silence, if that is what we need.

To my sisters--you know who you are--thank you. From the depths of my traveled soul, I express my gratitude. Your unrivaled support, your unconditional love, your unbridled laughter, your silent understanding, your earnest encouragement are blessings for which I will be grateful for the next five lifetimes. I don't know what I would do without you. You are selfless and smart and wickedly funny. You are my heroes. You are warriors of life and of the soul. You are women, strong and beautiful.

Never forget it.


beth♥ said...

That was gorgeous! Thanks!

Stace said...

WOW! xxxx

Ruth said...

Well said.
I'm sending a link to some of my "sisters"!