Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slumdog Curry

In my crusade against picky eating, we have been slowly introducing the little one to Indian cuisine. We started when she was about 18 months old, with very mild foods--samosas, chicken tika, etc. But she has graduated since then and has tried things like lamb madras and rasam vadai. And she actually likes it.

So far, these epicurean adventures have taken place mostly at our local Indian restaurant. I enjoy cooking, but have always been intimidated by Indian food and have never, ever attempted it at home. What if I put in too much curry? How do you bake yogurt? It was all very confusing. And intimidating.

Enter favorite food blog: Smitten Kitchen and Chef Deb's red kidney bean curry. I actually started salavating while reading her post. And she swears--swears!--that it couldn't be easier to make. I've blogged before about the delicious delights behind every mouse click at Smitten Kitchen. Deb's never let me down. Not once. So, I might, with her sage (pun intended, sorry) advice, take the plunge straight into a big, steaming pot of curry in my own kitchen. Wish me luck.

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