Monday, February 16, 2009

The Three Questions

Grandpa always finds the best books for my little one. For Valentine's Day, an inspired book, filled with breathtaking illustrations, arrived in the mail, just in time. The Three Questions, written and illustrated by Jon J. Muth is a peaceful, zen-infused retelling of the original story by Leo Tolstoy.

It is a tale about a boy, Nikolai, who is on a quest for what it means to be a good person and how, exactly, one should go about such a pursuit. Aided by some animal companions, a fierce storm and the kindness already rooted in his heart, Nikolai uncovers a truth so simple that most of us forget it most of the time.

Muth's watercolors are muted, save the vibrant red of Nickolai's ever-present kite. The softly-rendered animals will delight the children. And the moral of this story will sit with us parents long after we've tucked the kids in for the night.

There is nothing like the gift of presence.


Dawn said...

We love his books around here...must get this one!

karyn said...

We love that book too! Another good one is Zen Shorts.
Love your blog!