Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chow Mama

Another week, another favorite food blog! The delectable ChowMama is a daily food blog, packed with creative, kid-friendly recipes and nutrition tips. Complete with cleverly written anecdotes featuring a whole host of characters (most often ChowPapa and the ChowKids), this blog is a well-balanced meal of information and great recipes, served up with a generous portion of humor.

Parents after my own heart (stomach?), these ChowParents have dedicated their blog--and, it would seem, considerable effort--to cultivating healthy, adventurous eating habits in their family. Lucky for the rest of us, they've decided to share.

Some recipes I can't wait to try:

ChowMama's Lemon Fennel Shortbread Cookies

Turkey Black Bean Chili

Lemon Caper Butter--with fish

Greek Style Rice Pudding--seriously, this couldn't sound more delicious

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Dawn said...

Thanks for the heads up... it all looks so yummy!