Monday, March 30, 2009

Higher Education

The New York Times is publishing a new blog called The Choice: Demystifying College Admissions and Aid. Written by New York Times education writer and author Jacques Steinberg, The Choice offers real insight in an interactive environment. In addition to Steinberg's observations, teens are able to share their experiences navigating the elaborate college admissions landscape. Beyond teens, the blog aspires to become a resource for parents, teachers, administrators and counselors; Steinberg's blog links out to other, useful sites, including sites focusing on financial aid, standardized testing and colleges that fly just under the radar--Colleges that Change Lives.

It's no accident that this blog was unveiled at a time when teens and their families are struggling to make difficult choices about college, choices spurred by a floundering economy and the sacrifices it demands. There's more hand wringing going on this spring than in years past. This year, it isn't just the hope of acceptance that consumes families, it's also the hope that, if accepted, families will find a way to pay tuition for their teens.

Have a college-bound teen in your house? Know someone who does? NPR is also running a week-long series on the recession and how it's affecting the college process.

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