Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birds, Bees and Respect

I'm still a few years away from having any of those conversations with the little one, but the time will come soon enough.

In today's New York Times in the "18 and Under" column, Dr. Perri Klass visits this topic and the nuances involved in having this talk with boys. In today's world of sex-on-demand media, parents are probably having this discussion earlier than in generations past. And if they're not, they probably should be.

The swirling images and mixed messages our kids internalize before they reach high-school make this an important topic, and one parents for which parents will compete for "expert" status if they wait too long. But how to handle it? As Dr. Klass puts it, "Somehow, there has to be a way to talk about sex and relationships beyond the anatomical details, and a way to discuss what happens in school and what happens on the cover of People magazine."

Don't miss the article.

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