Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Reading

Most trips to our local library produce a treasure or two, usually in the form of a good book. Yesterday's visit was no exception. We found a spectactular book to usher in this most welcome season: In A Spring Garden, illustrated by the beloved Ezra Jack Keats.

It's a sweet book of sparse Japanese Haiku, celebrating spring, complemented by Keats' vibrant but simple illustrations. Unfortunately, it's out of print, which is really a shame. The silver lining to this cloud is that you can find a used copy online for very, very cheap. Or, you can always ask your local librarian. She or he might just be able to find it for you for free.

Mud by Mary Lyn Ray is another fun spring book we've discovered. Ray celebrates the messier aspects of the season, aided by Lauren Stringer's rich illustrations.

And, from my children's librarian sister-in-law, the bold, colorful celebration of springtime's greatest pastime: Kite Flying, by Grace Lin. This simple story of a family's kite making and flying tradtition comes alive on the pages, kite tails fluttering vibrantly across the pages.

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Lou@weheartbooks said...

I must, must, must find myself a copy of In a Spring Garden.