Monday, May 18, 2009

Express Yourself #1: Win This From Peace Love Mom

Mamas are the great communicators. We fill countless hours with exploration, fun and our boundless wisdom. We read, we count, we teach our children to "use their words." We sing songs we don't know all the words to, we field questions on physics, philosophy and anatomy on a daily basis. By the time our children enter elementary school, we have answered the question "Why?" 1.3 million times.

In honor of our efforts at furthering humanity's collective conversation, I'm hosting a rocking giveaway, geared toward Mamas who know how to express themselves.

The fabulous ladies of PeaceLoveMom are offering this awesome, eco-chic tote, emblazoned with the words: PeaceLoveMom. Tell the world how much you like your job as Chief Executive Mama. Let everyone know that sustainability is important to you. Make sure everyone realizes that you have really good taste in tote bags. Express yourselves, Mamas!

Just leave a comment here, over at Mama's Facebook page, or tweet me and you're entered to win! I'll choose the lucky winner at random this coming weekend.

Make sure you check out PeaceLoveMom's online store. (I've been loving these ladies for a while now.) Buy something this week and get free shipping on orders over $20 (in the continental U.S.) with the code MAMASCUP09. They have products for all the Mamas, kids and babies in your life. Their cotton clothing is of the highest quality, with the hippest designs.
I know you know how to spread the word, so tell everyone you know, Mamas!


Ann's Rants said...

Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. What a classy place you've created here!

Stefania said...

We love your Green posts!

Anonymous said...

This one is awesome too!

Thank you for the opportunity!