Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magnificent Mama #4: Michelle Obama

This blog is not about politics; it is about motherhood. And as Mamas go, Michelle Obama is as classy, as articulate and as devoted a mother as you could hope to find. Oh, and she just happens to be our First Lady.

Born and raised on Chicago's South Side by two loving, hard-working parents, Michelle and her brother grew up learning how much easier hard work becomes when buoyed by laughter.

A product the Chicago public school system, she took her education seriously. She was a permanent fixture on the honor roll of every school she attended. (Reading was reportedly a big activity in her childhood home.) Eventually, she found her way to Harvard Law School.

Michelle Obama, neƩ Robinson, is a proponet of strong, educated communities. She has begun advocating on behalf of military families. She is also an organic gardener. Even the Queen Mother is, apparently, a fan.

For the distance she has travelled, between Chicago's South Side in 1964 and her current residence on Pennsylvania Avenue; for the work she has done to assist the needy within her community; and for the model of service and poise she provides to young women everywhere, Michelle Obama is, undoubtedly, one Magnificent Mama.

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