Friday, May 8, 2009

Magnificent Mama #5: Amanda Soule

Today's Magnificent Mama is a little different from the others. She isn't a head of state. She hasn't won an Emmy. She isn't president of an international foundation. What she is, however, is an inspiration to regular Mamas everywhere. Mother to four adventurous children, she is also an author, photographer and artist. She is Soule Mama, Amanda Blake Soule.

I stumbled on her blog many months ago. Since then, I return often, looking for inspiration. Sometimes I find crafts; often, I'm greeted with beautiful photos; but always I find space.

The key to Soule Mama's success is the openness of her approach to motherhood--and to life in general. Nature, creativity and a peaceful mindset inform her writing and, despite some moments filled with "chaos and craziness," you get the feeling that she pretty much loves her life. She even loves those moments of chaos. This much is clear from her writing. So clear, in fact, it's like you can feel it.

For encouraging creativity within her family and others, for living by peaceful example, for reminding all of us to slow down and take a look at this very moment--right now--and embrace it, chaos and all, Amanda Blake Soule is truly a Magnificent Mama!

Know a Magnificent Mama who has touched your life? Tell me about her here, here, here or here and you could win one of four of this week's fantastic giveaways, including a mini "swag bag" from Joyful Heart!

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stace said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I am going to and have a look at her blog. I think all mothers can use with more inspiration. Love your blog! :)