Monday, May 18, 2009

Yoga by the Dozen Winners!

We're kicking up our heels into a Three Legged Dog pose over here! Why? Because we're thrilled to announce the winners of last week's Yoga by the Dozen giveaway.

Congratulations Ruth, Angela and Stefania! Before you know it, you'll be Downward Dogging it with your little yogis. Email me with your information and I'll have your gift sets in the mail before you can say "om."

Thanks again to the very generous people at Yoga by the Dozen.

Namaste, Mamas!


Stefania said...

Oh Yeah we won, we won! Zoe will love the video! Thx! And we particularly love the picture in this post!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That's such a cute pic! My 3yo son is ALWAYS doing 3-legged dog, and insists he made it up. (he also thinks he invented words, so...)

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