Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Health Food Junkies

Our hard work is paying off, Mamas! New York Times health blogging guru, Tara Parker-Pope reported yesterday on some new findings on children's eating habits. And the news is good. Chicken nugget consumption is, incredibly, on the decline! Likewise, our kids are eating fewer fries and other "empty" calories, opting instead for more nutritious soups, fruits and grilled chicken.

But how did this happen? Parker-Pope offers up several expert opinions, ranging from the recession to school programs focused on healthy living. But there's no question that Mamas are perhaps the most potent force for change in this area. The Mamas I know--most of them, anyway--simply don't allow their children to sustain themselves solely on deep-fried, high-sodium, nutrient-deficient fare. It's just not an option.

Parker-Pope points out that the under 13 set still favors nuggets and fries over healthier choices on the whole, but the shift in percentages is significant. Our persistence is paying off. And our kids have the varied palates to prove it.

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