Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Write On

These days, we're making good use of our Melissa and Doug wooden easel. In addition to the hours of creativity it facilitates, it's also proven instrumental in our quest for literacy.

Every morning, the little one enters the kitchen and, after ordering her breakfast ("I'd like 64 waffles and eggs and bacon and ice cream for breakfast Mama") runs straight to the easel to see what message has been left on the white board for her.

There's always a message there, one that includes her name. We read it together, sounding out some of the letters. It's fun and playful for her, like decoding a secret message. And her face still lights up when she recognizes her name and reads it; she's so clearly proud of herself.

You don't need an easel to recreate the Morning Message in your house. A standard white board or chalk board or a few sets of magnetic letters and a refrigerator would do the trick just fine. It will be as special as you make it. If your approach to learning to read is fun, then reading itself will be fun.

Some great resources for beginning readers:

The Write Start



rebecca said...

thanks 4 the link, love!

♥Aubrey said...

Oh i love chalkboards! My kids still use the ones we have in the house and they're 5 & 6. Great to improve their writing skills. And even more important: homework :)