Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Olivia, On Her 3rd Birthday

Moments ago, you were a crying bundle of sweetness in my arms.
Now, you're a tiny dancer twirling in the sun.

Just yesterday, you couldn't do a thing on your own.
Today, you insist on doing for yourself.

You rolled over. You crawled.
From crawling, you walked. Then you ran.
Now you dance, with laughter and light, like the fairies that fill your dreams.

You are radiant. You are gentle.
You embody love.
And your potential is infinite.

There is no star you cannot reach,
No idea you can't conceive,
No thing you cannot do.

Believe in magic and miracles as long as you can.
Believe in love and its power to change the world.
Find beauty in simplicity and wonder at creation.
Never forget your power or your potential.

But most of all, believe in yourself and your ability to shape your life.

You will move on from Christopher Robin,
You'll leave Puff behind.
Peter Rabbit won't always mean as much as he does now.

But hold on to the fairytale.
Let it carry you, inspire you and console you,
Especially when the sky clouds over.

You will persevere.
You are intrepid.

You are my beating heart.
You are my child.


Stace said...

What a beautiful piece. It really touched my heart! :) Happy Birthday Olivia!! xxxxx

SZ said...

Happy, happy birthday Olivia! You are lucky to have such an eloquent mama.

merritt said...

that is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read from you.
Olivia is a very lucky girl to have such a fantastic role model - remember that! xo

Ruth said...

Absolutely beautiful. **sniffle**
No doubt, with a mama like you, Olivia truly will be able to do anything she sets her mind to.