Monday, July 13, 2009

Not-So-Random Recycling

Grandma's arriving this afternoon for a summer visit. We're now 2 weeks away from the little one's 3rd birthday (don't get me started on that) and are in the throes of planning the party. All this party planning and house guest prep has me pretty preoccupied. So for give my less-than-random recycling of this post. It's apropos; some musings on fun kid party music. Enjoy!

Get Your Groove On

Way back at the beginning of my blog, I mentioned that we don't do a whole lot of "kids music" around our house. I keep it to a minimum, in an effort to save my sanity and to allow my daughter to cultivate a love of real music. (I really don't go in for the Wiggles.) This conviction to expose my little one to real music also comes from my own childhood. The soundtrack of my early life included The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The B-52's, and The Talking Heads.

For my little one's birthday parties, I enjoy making CDs as party favors. I try to make them both kid and adult-friendly, including songs that grown-ups know and love and kids will enjoy grooving to as well. A dear Mama friend asked after my little one's last party, "Where do you find all this music that's just perfect for a children's CD?" My answer to her was my own collection, being the music addict I am.

But now, Cookie magazine has a list for everyone who doesn't have access to my bloated iTunes account. The list is as cool and kid-appropriate as you'd expect from Cookie, sporting tunes from the legendary Stevie Wonder to the super-hip White Stripes and just about everything in between. Like jazz? It's on the list. Maybe you're a Reggae fan? You won't be disappointed.

It's a truly tremendous list of great music that your whole family will love. Before you know it, you and your little one will be singing along to the Rolling Stones on your way to the supermarket.

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