Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma's House

A single two week stay with the Little One's grandparents has undone 3 years of good eating, a strictly enforced television ban, and almost every other good habit I've shed blood, sweat and tears trying to instill in my Little One.

Proof? At 6:30 this morning, while at the breakfast table, we had this exchange:

Little One: Mama, can I have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

Mama: No.

Little One: I finished my oatmeal. Can I have a cookie now?

Mama: No.

Little One: Please?

Mama: No.

Little One: Can I watch a Pooh movie?

Mama: No.

Little One: Stuart Little?

Mama: No.

Little One: BBC Kids? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?!

Mama: No.

Little One: (Grimacing intensely, dramatically) Oh no!

Mama's Mama: (Handing the Little One half a chocolate chip cookie) Go ahead into the family room, sweetie. Pooh's on.

Thanks, mom.


Ruth said...

It is a conspiracy. Whenever I overhear grandmas talking it is always about the many ways they are plotting to spoil their grandkids and undo all the parents' hard work. This, apparently, is what grandmas do.

Kate said...

Funny, though!! It's a look at the future -- it'll be a battle to stick with your values.