Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preschool Prep: Fun & Games

Most of us learn better and more quickly if we're having fun. Of course, kiddos are no different. The more fun they're having, the more they'll learn.

With Grandma's help, we've found a few games and workbooks that the little one loves to use, with minimal frustration factor. While she's playing and exploring, she's developing her fine motor skills and her memory, she's learning letters, numbers and sounds. All of which will give her a little more confidence as she transitions into a preschool setting.

A few of our favorites:

This matching game from Haba exercises your little one's memory with 16 pairs of pictures printed on wooden tiles. And when your kiddo makes a match--"Look, Mama! I found it!"--that sense of accomplishment and capability is pretty terrific to see. And clean up is a breeze with the sweet little tin box the tiles come in. Find it at Padilly.

We've also found some fun workbooks that help encourage letter recognition and develop fine motor skills. Two that we like because of the fun pictures and worthwhile activities are:

Little Kids...Trace from Scholastic

and The Complete Book of the Alphabet from School Specialty Publishing.

We love Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles around our house. We've found two in particular that are fun for learning upper and lower case letters:

Interlocking alphabet puzzle cards

and this alphabet stamp set, which offers a great interactive, creative way to promote letter (or word!) recognition.

What fun and games are going on at your house as you get ready to head back to school?

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