Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preschool Prep: Get Organized, Mama!

When I get past all of my angst and anxiety about the Little One starting school in a few short weeks, I start to get, well, a little ambitious about what I will be able to do with my new found free time: I'll double my freelance workload! I'll make some real headway on every single one of my book ideas! I'll retile my bathroom! I'll take on more volunteer work! I'll be a class mom at her school! More yoga! New recipes! I'll finally have some time to relax!


My to do list for the extra 12 hours a week I'll have to accomplish non-kid stuff is kind of stressing me out, especially because every time I think of something new to put on it, I'm driving, or carrying a week's worth of groceries, or trying to fall asleep. I never seem to have a pen and paper handy when I need it.

Witnessing a particularly prolific burst of remembered tasks while I was negotiating traffic on I-75, grandma asked me if I'd heard about

"It's an online service that you can call when you remember something to put on your to-do list," she tells me.

Apparently, you sign up for a free account and create an online to-do list. You can phone in additions with their toll-free number and--abracadabra--Jott turns your voicemail into text and updates your to-do list.

Now if I could just find a free way online to clean off my desk...

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