Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've realized something this week, now that the Little One is healthy and we're back on schedule. I've realized that this preschool thing, it kind of rocks. It pains me a bit to admit it, but 3 half days a week to do my own thing (like take a yoga class, work on my book, pee in private) is doing much for my sanity.

Yes, she still says "Mommy, don't go," when I drop her off in the morning. But pick-up is a bundle of hugs and kisses and tales of all the fun she's had at school. And the remainder of the afternoon finds me more patient and more present than before.

It's kind of funny to me now, all of the fear and anxiety I experienced leading up to this transition. It's not that all the anxiety is gone (that requires a prescription). It's more the reminder that change--one of the only constants in our lives--is not automatically a bad thing. It's something that the Little One is learning in a big way for the first time, and something that I'm relearning through her, my little teacher.

I still have a few more hours to contemplate this lesson. And I plan to enjoy every minute. But first, I'm going to pee. Alone.

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Kate said...

I love the Buddhism for Mothers post and this post, too! Lovely writing -- helpful messages.