Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunny Window

I'm a sucker for just about anything that smells good. Aromatherapy works on me, there's no question. Lavender, sage, tea tree, cedar--I'd like to soak everything I own in these essential oils and drift through my house in a kind of aromatic stupor.

At a local outdoor market over the summer, I discovered Sunny Window, a Massachusetts based purveyor of all things natural and aromatic: soaps, essential oils, teas and a seemingly endless supply of French lavender. I was immediately infatuated with every single wonderful thing I found at the Sunny Window booth, run by Nancy, the charming and down-to-earth business owner.

I went through my purchases pretty quickly. One aromatherapy spray--optimistically called "Joy"--I simply had to buy again. So I emailed Nancy. It wasn't long before I was back for more--and more. Her oils are the purest I've smelled and more than reasonably priced. Soaps and sprays, everything she has just smells so darn good!

So, now that I'm hooked, I can be found poking around Sunny Window's web site regularly. Which is why it's strange that it took me so long to read about Nancy and the story of Sunny Window.

See, apart from being a talented aromatherapist and well-traveled business woman, Nancy is also a Mama with some serious drive and a tough back story. Nancy was 1998's "Welfare to Work Entrepreneur of the Year." It was 20 years ago, as a single mother, that Nancy took $30 out of her final welfare check and started a business at her kitchen table. Her success story is so inspiring that she's been featured in the Boston Globe, Parade Magazine and on PBS, just to name a few.

These days, when Nancy isn't combing the fields of France for the freshest lavender or traipsing around Turkey for the most robustly scented roses, she's giving back. Nancy volunteers as a mentor and public speaker, sharing the secrets to her success with people who could use a little of that joyful juju she seems to possess. If only she could bottle that and offer it for sale.

For now, I'll remain happily hooked on just about everything Nancy offers--including that which she cannot bottle: hope.

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